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A quick word on inspiration

This afternoon, while thinking of what I could write about today, I got to thinking about the concept of inspiration. Where does it come from? How do we channel it? What is it, really?

I find inspiration to be an enigma. It can come from anything (a walk in the park, your favourite band, a smell in the air) and can be channeled into anything. For me, I’ve discovered that inspiration usually stems from things where I appreciate the quality of the end result; for example, a really slick looking design, really neat and streamlined code that serves an amazing function or a song that makes every vein in my body jump for joy.

Channeling this inspiration is the next step. How do we do it without losing the moment? I find that I need to act on my inspiration. If I see a really slick design that motivates me, I need to get on with a task and, in a sense, attempt to make it “as awesome” as the design I’ve just seen. The task could be anything, I just need to do it with as much steam and passion as possible in order to truly fulfill my inspiration streak.

What is your take on inspiration?

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