5+ South African bands you may (or may not) have heard

South Africa has a wealth of musical talent, spanning every genre imaginable. One can go out almost every night of the week and have a unique musical experience. Having been actively involved in the South African music industry for several years, I have come across a vast number of bands and solo musicians, both established and independant, that have caused my ears to prick up and listen closer. I thought I’d share some of my discoveries with you, both new, recent discoveries, and several with a few years of gigging, late nights and endless parties under their belts. Look out world, South Africa’s got talent…in bucketloads! Continue reading “5+ South African bands you may (or may not) have heard”

What does your Twitter web look like?

Twitter, the revolutionary micro-blogging startup, has taken the web by storm, introducing a vast array of users to the concept of blogging, turning social media marketing strategies on their heads, and creating a new way for users to interact with one another. With it’s 140 character limit on updates (or “tweets”) the character count allows for ease of update via a variety of devices, be it the web interface, a desktop client, your Apple iPhone or a generic mobile device (via SMS or web client).

With so many Twitter clients and update services popping up on the web today, we have such a myriad of options at our disposal. A list of popular Twitter clients, compiled by @michielb and posted by @problogger, has got me thinking about my journey on Twitter and the various clients and update facilities I’ve used. I went from web updates, to mobile web and TweetDeck updates, to TwitterFox and now to my (current) staple of a web that looks like this:

Web Interface (web) <–> Twibble (mobile) <–> FriendFeed (aggregation of services onto Twitter) <–> TweetDeck (desktop client)

So, My question today is;
What does your Twitter web look like?

Please share your web and thoughts & experiences in the comments below.

Goodbye 2008…hello 2009

So…2008 has up and left us, folks. Time to get used to dating with “09”. It’s always tough for the first few days, but hey, it gets easier. 🙂

2008 saw many ups and downs in the world and in each of our lives. Marriages, finishing of degrees, making friends, losing friends, economic downturns, discovering new technologies, experiencing new things and making unforgettable memories all happened in 2008.

Here’s to a new year. 2009 is set to be a positive year all ’round, I’d say. 2008 will soon be but a memory. In the hopes of making that memory a beautiful, peaceful one, below are some photographic snippets from my last two days of 2008.
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Fail Whale spotted off the coast of Twitter

So, I just had my first viewing (I think) of the Fail Whale. Very cool.

I’ve heard plenty stories about the Twitter Fail Whale and have now seen it for myself. A rare sighting (like any whale, ofcourse) the Twitter Fail Whale arrives when Twitter’s servers are at capacity with the number of tweets passing through. TFW (The Fail Whale) has grown into an internationally known craze, sporting a merchandise range and many various articles discussing it’s sightings and general habits. Continue reading “Fail Whale spotted off the coast of Twitter”

Custom WordPress Widget – Recent Posts

I’ve just finished the first round of coding of a widget idea I had for my blog this afternoon. This widget is to display recent posts. Yeah, I know, a “recent posts” widget comes bundled with WordPress. This widget is different. 🙂

In a short sentence, this widget does the following: “Give me a maximum of the latest X posts that aren’t the first X posts, and display them in a list. If there is a custom field that holds an image, grab it’s value and display the image as a square thumbnail”. The reason for this blog post is more to discuss a few things I learned while coding this widget.
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5+ Must-see websites for the web 2.0 chef

I have always enjoyed cooking and food in general. I welcome to thought of experimenting with flavours and trying something new and different…but not too out there. I remember, many years ago, watching my mother pull out all kinds of recipe books from a cupboard, and scuffling through them at break-neck speeds, trying to find the recipe she was looking for. This happened several times a year, when any old recipe just wouldn’t cut it.

In today’s world of technology and inter-connectedness, I set out on a quest to find some new recipes to try out while on holiday. This search, naturally online, opened up a world I had, for some unknown reason, never considered; the web 2.0 cooking world. After finding some great recipes to try out, I started looking deeper and found a world of great social media websites, linking chefs, both professional and self-taught, from around the world, allowing them to share thoughts, tips and recipes with one another.
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Design Dosage – Daily Inspiration

“Inspiration! Get your inspiration here! Step right up! Step right up!”

Designers and developers alike are always searching the web for the latest trends in design and code. There are many websites offering tutorials, tips and commentary on the latest innovations in the web fabric. Design Dosage is a recent addition to that list.

A new-comer on the scene, Design Dosage offers a different category for each day of the week, covering a range of popular design and development search terms. A week at Design Dosage looks like this:

Designers are also able to submit their work to Design Dosage for feature in a particular category. Only the very best work is featured, keeping a high standard of work on the gallery.

This project is, in my opinion, a great display of what South Africans are up to on the web. The base theme used for the gallery is the free ‘Snapshot‘ theme, created by Woothemes, and the project itself was started and is maintained by a South African web designer. Keep up the inspiration guys! 🙂

For a daily dose of design inspiration, visit http://www.designdosage.com.

What are your thoughts on Design Dosage? Got anything to say to the creator? Share in the comments below.

Blogging…now with threads!

With the release of WordPress version 2.7 came a host of new features and details. A redesigned administration console with a vast array of new features, a range of features to streamline admin-to-user conversation and threaded comments.

As I mentioned in my first post, this theme is still in testing phase. Thus, I have added threaded commenting to the theme, in hopes of streamlining conversations on posts. Also, in keeping with development trends on WordPress and forward progression, I thought it a good idea to look into threaded comments.

At first, when coding for threaded comments, they do seem to be somewhat of a nightmare to get one’s  head around. Once you get it, however, they aren’t as difficult as you innitially thought. 🙂

How have your experiences with threaded comments been? Let me know in the comments.

Not much of a techie? Check out some of my nontechie posts. 😉

TwitterLeague – The follower count showdown

There is a running debate amongst Twitter users regarding follower count. Some prefer to have quality over quantity, while others want as many followers as possible. If you’re part of the latter, TwitterLeague is for you.

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Beedle the Bard – Tales for Charity

“The Tales of Beedle the Bard”, by J.K Rowling, is a recent addition to the popular Harry Potter book series by the same author. In the Harry Potter series, Rowling tells the story of a young wizard, destined to take part in one of the greatest battles between good and evil that ‘Muggles’ (non-magic folk) have ever known. Toward the end of the book series, young Mr. Potter comes into the possession of a book of magic fairy tales, written by one Beedle the Bard, a Yorkshire-born man (we are not certain of his magical lineage, as his life is greatly shrouded in mystery) who lived during the 15th century. This is that very book. The book of tales, passed down through the ages, from one magical generation to the next.

The five tales documented in “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” tell stories of courage and valor, as well as carrying morals and messages behind them. The main difference, however, in comparison to ‘Muggle’ tales, is that magic carries a more positive trend, as apposed to evil, cackling witches, brooding over a smoldering cauldron.
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