5 ways to eliminate writer’s block: The Nerdicle

Lately, I’ve been overcome with a writer’s block, of sorts. It seems to be easing off now, (hence this post is actually coming to fruition 🙂 ). The main cause of this writer’s block was the inability to think of a topic to write about for my latest nerdicle. I thought through all the potential […]

A nerd’s definition of ‘beautiful’

Recently, after I got a Macbook, I’ve been thinking a lot about the subtle elements that make working on a Mac different to other operating systems. The icons, the interface and the subtlties in the intuitive nature of the system as a whole. How every application designed specifically for OS X integrates into the system, […]

My first Nerdicle is online

This Monday past, my first “Nerdicle” went online at NerdMag. In this nerdicle, I discuss chi.mp, a new social profile aggregation service, currently in its beta phase. NerdMag is an awesome online magazine discussing various topics of interest to nerdy types (and possibly to other life forms)… some serious and others not so serious. Click […]

Beedle the Bard – Tales for Charity

“The Tales of Beedle the Bard”, by J.K Rowling, is a recent addition to the popular Harry Potter book series by the same author. In the Harry Potter series, Rowling tells the story of a young wizard, destined to take part in one of the greatest battles between good and evil that ‘Muggles’ (non-magic folk) […]