5+ (more) South African bands you may (or may not) have heard

Following on from my first list, I’ve continued by compiling a list of a few more awesome South African bands, past and present.

We have so many amazingly talented bands and musicians in South Africa, it’s not easy to keep this list short. Here are a few South African bands that I’ve enjoyed listening to.

Rambling Bones

This acoustic project, staring Jay Bones (front man of Jo’burg ska/punk legends, Fuzigish) and Kustom Kev on congas, percussion and glokenspiel, these layed back tunes are perfect for a fun evening out or a relaxed evening at home by the fire. Elements of Bones’ ska/punk roots are audible in several tracks.

Check out Rambling Bones at: http://www.ramblingbones.com

Captain Stu

A self-proclaimed “mongrel band”, Captain Stu fuse rock, reggae, ska and punk with traditional jazz influences and elements of funk and generally whatever styles the band members enjoy. A talented group of musicians, these guys are making a name for themselves in the South African music industry, having performed on stages around the country.

Check out Captain Stu at: http://www.myspace.com/captainstuandthellamas

Skanking Nelson

Here’s an old school one for you. Skanking Nelson were a punk band  that performed around the early 2000’s. The two front men, Graham and Mark, went on to be involved with The Magic of Pegasus and The Doppler Effect, respectively.

Hog Hoggidy Hog

Legends of the South African alternative music industry, these guys need no introduction. With over a decade of performances, tours, albums and fun under their belts, the Hogs are going strong. With a fresh new album recently released, the band are sticking strongly to their punk roots while striving to promote South African music wherever they go… including several tours to Europe over the past few years.

Check out Hog Hoggidy Hog at: http://www.hoghoggidyhog.co.za

Sibling Rivalry

Durban’s most well-known ska/punk band, Sibling Rivalry are an institution in the Durban music scene. The members have amongst them started a recording studio, founded and developed the Uprising Festival (one of Durban’s biggest alternative music festivals) and written for various online and printed publications.

Check out Sibling Rivalry at: http://www.siblingrivalry.co.za


Lowprofile are a punk band based in Durban. An awesome bunch of guys with a professional approach to their band and who know how to have a fun time. Alongside Sibling Rivalry, these guys have become an institution in the Durban alternative music industry. Raw punk energy coupled with a solid band image and a great attitude, makes for an awesome group of guys who have a great time on stage. Their lead guitarist, Woogy, is also quite a shredder.

Check out Lowprofile at: http://lowprofile.co.za

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