5+ Websites for daily inspiration and fun

Inspiration is a feeling that can arrive in an endless variety of packages…from neatly wrapped parcels to boxes bursting at the seams to explode. Being at a computer for a large part of the day, I find inspiration in many nooks and crannies online. There are a few websites that I visit regularly that I find to be great sources of knowledge and information, in addition to offline activities that spark inspiration. Below is a list of a few websites that create inspiration, as well as a bit of fun reading for after the inspiration boost has subsided.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing is a popular web design and development blog. Along with the great freebies and tutorials (thanks guys…you rock) their inspiration section is filled with everything from photography to poster art and history.

Visit Smashing Magazine


For development inspiration and useful information, NETTUTS is a regularly visited resource. Covering a wide variety of languages, techniques and best practices, the writers at NETTUTS have developed a wide knowledge base for anyone looking at starting out a career in web development or honing and fine tuning their skills.


Cape Town Daily Photo

The Mother City is like no other. It is diverse, beautiful and is crammed full of natural untouched beauty. Paul and Kerry-anne at Cape Town Daily Photo provide a resource for showcasing this beauty and the unique atmosphere that is Cape Town. I am a big fan of photography and of capturing moments on (digital) film that would otherwise go un-noticed. I find photography to be a great source of inspiration, found offline.

Visit Cape Town Daily Photo


A Cape Town lifestyle blog, 2OceansVibe covers everything from sun and surf to parties and fun while living the Cape Town lifestyle. Readers can easily find themselves spending ages reading through and browsing the myriad of content shared on 2OceansVibe. A great read and a fun way to relax. It will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

Visit 2OceansVibe

Cook Sister

I enjoy cooking and baking. Making a dish and experimenting with flavours and textures is great fun. It’s not always easy to decide what to make or what would compliment what ingredients. Cook Sister is a blog that mixes in recipes and cooking tips with general blog posts by the author. I’ve found some great recipes that I can’t wait to try out.

Visit Cook Sister


I love these drawings. They’re really fun and a great take on happenings in the tech world. The blog’s unique hand-drawn style echoes the rough drawing style used in the cartoons. For an interesting laugh (and some tech news at the same time) Jonin60seconds is the blog to visit.

Visit Jonin60seconds

These are a few of the links I’ve found for daily inspiration and a smile in the morning. There are, ofcourse, an endless number of blogs and resources online for inspiration in whatever field you are interested.

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Where do you look for inspiration? Share in the comments. You may find a few new websites to visit as well. 🙂


    1. Hey Seth,
      Thanks for the comment and the awesome compliment. I hope you stop by regularly. 🙂

      Thanks again also for the awesome blog.

      Have an awesome weekend,

  1. Hey Matty, thanks so much for the mention! I never tire of hearing that people enjoy our photos. The best thing for me is seeing how many Capetonians are regular visitors – it seems most of the other city daily photo blogs around the world get a majority of foreign visitors. I think this points to the fact that we Capetonians have a deep-seated love for our own city. Which is not at all surprising, really. 😉

    1. Hey Kerry-Anne,
      Thanks for the awesome comment and the daily photographic inspiration. 🙂

      I agree. Cape Town is such a beautiful city. I’m not surprised that it’s residents can’t seem to get enough of the views and untouched beauty. 🙂

      Very cool new layout, by the way. Nice and airy. 🙂

      I took a few photos myself recently. What do you think?

      Cheers and thanks again,

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