Hi there. I’m a product and engineering leader and coach. I coach software engineering leaders, developing their interpersonal and leadership skills, scaling their teams as their organisation grows.

Having spent my career working with startups, I have applied a lean and agile approach first hand, and grown successful teams, helping to build the world’s largest eCommerce platform, WooCommerce. I learned a lot along the way, which I share here on my website, as well as through my coaching practice.

Working with high growth startups can challenge one’s body, mind, and spirit at the best of times. To this end, I have incorporated life coaching into my coaching practice, where I work with new managers to build their management skills set, adjust to the changes of being a manager, and help to orient their lives in the new direction they’d like to take.

Leadership coaching

As a software engineering leader in high growth startups, I’ve learned and practiced the agile arts many times over, learning a lot along the way. I’ve scaled the smallest of teams towards building software products used as the most widely used self-run eCommerce platform on the web. I’m no stranger to being scrappy, running a lean organization, and motivating and inspiring individuals to achieve their desired goals. I’ve grown product organizations, focused on building highly engaging software products with a focus on customer feedback. I believe a strong and well organized product organization can transform a company from good to great.

Life coaching

Outside of software engineering, I have had my own journey with life coaching. Having grown up with anxiety and an obsessive nature, I spent my youth suffering with obsessions until this became entirely normal for me. I would lock my car door and walk away, then walk back and forth at least 3 times to ensure the car door was actually locked. The same went for pulling up my handbrake, the volume on the television (which always had to be an even number), and having to scratch my left leg after scratching an itch on my right leg, even though there was no second itch.

As a young child, and still today, I experience imposter syndrome regularly. Fortunately, with tools to cope with this syndrome, I am able to see things as they really are, rather than as they are in my mind.

Through deep dives and inward exploration, I learned tools to move through this stage of my life, into one of growth. Through the power of life coaching, I have been able to gain this toolkit.

I am a proud husband and father. In the space of 4 years, my wife and I bought a house, moved in, did a bunch of renovation ourselves, started planning a large renovation project, got married, had our son, and so much more. This process was, no doubt, stressful. Through the power of life coaching, I learned a self coaching model in which I found a new sense of calm. A new way of being. A transformation. Making use of this coaching model, I’ve been able to take a meaningful big step into the next phase of my life, as a confident and growth-focused individual, who is ready to step into my greatness, and to assist others to do the same.

This website

This is my home on the internet. A little space I call my own. I’ve been blogging here since late 2007 and have really enjoyed every moment.

I’ll be writing for me, myself and I, on this blog. I tend to refresh the design from time to time, yet always ensure to put my own unique spin on the design, whether I’m developing custom WordPress theme, or a child theme of one of the available default themes.