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There is a common phrase in coaching and leadership- “where our focus goes, our energy grows”. This phrase is often connected to “what is measured is managed”, often attributed to Peter Drucker. These concepts can be successfully applied to any aspiration we have in life, whether personal or professional. How might we apply this concept in the context of leading teams and people?

I like to frame this application around attention. When we pay attention to our team members as whole people, give time for open conversations about work and about life, and commit with integrity to fulfilling what our team members need in order to be their fullest selves, we see them engage differently with their work.

Where our focus goes, our energy grows

Commonly heard quote, attributable to many coaches and speakers

I’ve seen this countless times with team members. Paying attention to one another, building a relationship, and working in partnership yields a marked difference in the way the team member approaches their work.

As a leader, consider where your attention is focused. Pay attention to your people, and help your people to pay attention to their objectives. Even the smallest unit of attention (a message in Slack with a thoughtful question, a regular one on one discussion, or a chat about a complex coding task) can yield results far beyond the specific attention being paid.

In whichever way you choose to pay attention, always lead with authenticity and integrity. Bring your full self to the conversation, do what you say you’re going to do, and lead by example.

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