Batman doesn’t get paid

Bruce Wayne, however, is a multi-billionaire. While not much emphasised as a contrast within the Batman storyline (rather choosing to emphasise Batman and Bruce Wayne as one in the same), I feel this contrast between Batman and Bruce Wayne has a hidden message I’d like to explore further.

The contrast

To provide context to this deep dive, Bruce Wayne is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe. Bruce is the head of Wayne Enterprises, a multi-billion dollar company investing in various spheres of industry. Batman is Bruce Wayne’s crime-fighting alter ego (sssshhh… keep it a secret, please), donning a suit to fight crime in the still of the night, using hi-tech weaponry and martial arts training. Both do amazing work, yet only one actually gets paid for his efforts.

Why Batman continues to do what he does

Reading the Batman backstory, it quickly becomes clear why Batman does what he does; out of a deep-seeded need to see justice brought to those who do wrong, while avenging the deaths of his parents and ensuring their killer is found and brought to justice. Batman exists out of pure passion and zeal for his desired goal, rather than expecting anything tangible from his efforts.

Be clear on why you spend your time somewhere

For busy individuals, it can easily become difficult to maintain focus on why we spend our time where we do. There’s often the feeling of expecting a return from everything we do because everyone around us says “time is money, you know”. That’s not really the case and, deep down, we all know it. At the same time, we all need to survive.

Balance your time

This strikes an interesting balance between spending our time sustaining ourselves, and spending our time growing others. I feel this balance is the crucial takeaway here. Spend your time between sustaining your goals and growing the goals of others. Whether that means helping a friend or family member with a project they are working on, teaching your kids to cut the grass (admittedly mutually beneficial) or volunteering to help to shape young minds, it’s important to balance your time. You’ll feel more fulfilled after doing so as well.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Batman doesn’t get paid.

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