Being flexible with your own schedule

For my regular readers out there, you’ll notice I’ve been blogging consistently each Monday afternoon for several months… until last week. I missed my deadline for posting and was quite displeased with myself for doing so.

That being said, missing my streak gave me time to consider the concept of the streak, how I felt when I missed it and how to get back up on the horse from then on. This post is a result of these thoughts.

Feeling overwhelmed

When I first started this streak, I would write a few posts in a single day and then schedule them over the coming weeks. This way, I’d have a few weeks wrapped up where I could anticipate (and deal with) writer’s block or anything standing in my way of blogging. Additionally, with a clear target in sight of a measly 52 blog posts for the year (one post a week), I could write a bunch in one go and reach my goal really easily without sitting for hours in front of the screen. Also, publishing once a week ensured the quality of posts I shared is of a higher, more thought through, standard than when I tried blogging every day (these posts quickly derailed after a few weeks).

Being that I was quite far ahead in my scheduled posting, my goal caught up with me and I’ve been left to write a post a week, on the Monday, for the past few weeks. This created a feeling of being rather overwhelmed.

Just start writing

Getting back on the horse is the most important action, after falling off. Having missed this past Monday as well, I quickly realised it’s time to get back into my routine, charge ahead and get back to my status quo.

How to get back on a horse

Put your foot in the stirrup and jump. In blogging terms, I equate this to “just start writing”. I’ve blocked off time each day for “something creative”, so let that be writing for a few days.

Dealing with yourself

It’s okay to be flexible with items in your schedule which are “just for yourself”. At the same time, it’s important to ensure those items get done. If you want to spend time reading, make sure you do. If you set aside Monday evening for reading and you get stuck into something else, don’t be too hard on yourself. That’s okay. Tuesday is around the corner.

It’s Wednesday morning and you’ll most likely see this post published on a Friday, and that’s okay.

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