… but which guitar?

My first electric guitar: a classic Washburn BT-3, black with a white scratchplate. It resembles the Fender Stratocaster shape, with a more rounded body and 3 pegs on either side of the headstock, instead of Fender’s single line of 6 (this is a blog post all on it’s own… how does tuning one string and simultaniously detuning the next a good thing?). This guitar feels amazing, plays beautifully and has been a great companion to me over the last just over a decade or so. This brings me to the topic of this post: the search for a second guitar. Which guitar to choose?

It’s interesting how, over time, one becomes very comfortable with one’s guitar… so much so that I’m tempted to look in the same range for a second guitar, as I love the Washburn. Floor salesmen usually ask what style you will be playing on the guitar… but what if you play a variety of different styles?

Anyways, this was just a random musing over the concept of purchasing a new guitar. If anyone out there has any recommendations (yes, I know PRS make amazing guitars… they’re pricey though), I’d be really greatful to read your thoughts and maybe get a few more angles with which to approach this.

Thanks guys. 🙂

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  1. That’s amazing – my first guitar was a Washburn too. 🙂 I can’t remember the model anymore – it was a real entry-level specimen, but was probably one of the best in its price class. My second guitar was also a Washburn, in fact – also a basic model, but slightly better than my first. I bought it second-hand, mostly because it was a bargain (got several effects pedals and a hard-case along with it for a whopping R1,300).

    Then a few years ago I saw a Cort CL1500 in a music shop, and fell in love right away. A hollowbody electric could be a good idea if you’re playing a lot of different styles. I’m still happy with it, and it’s a very PRETTY guitar too. Not that I imagine you’re going for pretty… 😛

    Of course, the PRS that Paul won at CokeFest is in a class of its own, but as you said, they’re pricey. (Thanks Marshall Music, you still rock! :))

    I think the key is to shop around, and play a lot of guitars, preferably through an amp that’s similar to yours – because of course the amp can make a huge difference to the sound of any guitar.

    Ibanez makes some good guitars too (I’m out of touch with the models, though), but hey, Washburn will always have a special place in my heart. 😉

    • Hey Kerry-Anne. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. You’re right. Shopping around is the best option. I love my Washburn and would gladly buy another.

      The amp is another shopping spree (and another blog post) all together. 😛 lol.

      Pretty can be a nice attribute… definitely factors in somewhere. 😛

      Hollow body. Cool, I’ll keep that in mind when looking around. 🙂

      Thanks Kerry-Anne. 🙂

  2. I looked for my 2nd electric for a solid year or two, wanted a ‘decent’ one you know, for a while I really liked the Ibanez Artcore series, semi-hollowbody hells yeah, good value for money and played super nice, nearly bought one. (Marshall Music still have a few in I think, although maybe only the jazz styled ones)

    I’ve also never tried to be too brand specific, most brands make ‘decent’ guitars at a specific price range. After looking around what seemed forever I randomly found what I wanted. (The ‘what i wanted’ is the crux to each individual)

    I wanted something old-school, something different that not anybody has, it must be versatile(different styles music etc) and I think I found it in the Fender Aerodyne Tele, Big name whoop guitar yes, but it was different, relatively priced, versatile, quality and what i wanted.


    So evidently I’d say listen with your ears, think with your heart and then decide with your brain, pointless spending $$ on a sensationalised product.

    Its the feeling you have playing your guitar that counts, cause its what you wanted and more.

    • Thanks Craig. 🙂 I reckon you’ve hit the nail on the head re: how to shop for a guitar. 🙂

      I reckon it’s one of those “when it’s the right guitar, you’ll just know” kind of things. 😛

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