Writing and the lack of writing

Folks, I’d like to open this post with a question: do you ever find yourself typing too much? Too many words for what you’re trying to say/think/communicate? I do. A lot. Over the years, through all the blogging, coding, IM-ing and e-mailing, I find I can now type significantly faster than I can write. WhileContinue reading “Writing and the lack of writing”


Greetings, Wally watchers… long time no chat. You may have been popping in here this week and thinking, “why isn’t he blogging every day, after he said he’d aim to do a post a day for the whole year?”. I’ll explain why I’ve been quiet on here for the past few days. 🙂 Over theContinue reading “Matty, Y U NO BLOG THIS WEEK?”

Daily blogging, what to write and who to blog for

So, now almost a month in and Project 365 is still going strong. At this point, I thought it a good idea to touch base and get some feedback from you all on this month’s posts so far. It’s often said that one should blog first and foremost for oneself. If you like a topicContinue reading “Daily blogging, what to write and who to blog for”

The world according to Generation-O

In today’s world, we have so much at our disposal. Technology that previously occupied room upon room of space to do a few calculations now makes up a small part of even a common calculator. Let me ask you this… is having all this technology always great? Occasionally on Twitter, I read tweets along the linesContinue reading “The world according to Generation-O”

Re-thinking the concept of the “impossible”

In today’s society, it seems to be a common occurrence to use the word “impossible”. For example, after climbing a mountain, one might say something like; “wow, that was impossible”. No it wasn’t… you just did it. Nowadays we seem to have a tendency to over-exaggerate (pardon the tautology there) and, in many cases, start to believe whatContinue reading “Re-thinking the concept of the “impossible””

Growth through Discussion

It is said by many that attending conferences and meet-ups is an important part of developing oneself in a particular industry, and of developing one’s skills set. Surrounding oneself with knowledgable and experienced individuals can go a long way towards developing skills and a knowledge base. At many such conferences, I’ve heard successful businessmen andContinue reading “Growth through Discussion”

Surf’s up- Woo goes surfing

Yesterday morning, some of the WooThemes crew went for a surf at Surfer’s Corner in Cape Town. For most of us, this was to be our first time on a surfboard (and was my first time a wetsuit, full stop). This certainly made for a memorable morning outing. On Fridays, WooThemes works remotely. With MagnusContinue reading “Surf’s up- Woo goes surfing”

Project 365 – The Road So Far

As I mentioned in my new year’s post a few days ago, one of my new years resolutions is to blog more. I, therefore, decided to have Project 365 a try and to write a blog post every day for the year. So far, the journey (pfff… it’s been only 5 days) has been interesting.Continue reading “Project 365 – The Road So Far”