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  • This time for Africa – World Cup Pride

    Okay, so the Soccer World Cup bug has definitely bitten me. I don’t generally follow much soccer, but wow, what a vibe! If one steps back and takes a look at what the world experienced not even an hour ago, it’s quite miraculous, actually. An entire nation, across all continents of the world, united in […]

  • Restaurant review: Fusion Cafe, Bistro

    Okay, so who doesn’t love a good meal out, hmmm? I’m not much into writing restaurant reviews or anything, so I thought I’d give it a go with the restaurant I ate at last night -Fusion Cafe- and share my thoughts and experiences at the restaurant. I’ve been walking past the restaurant and not going in […]

  • A quick word on Freedom Day

    Wow, good morning everyone. Yes, I’m up, sleepy-eyed and fighting back yawns, to blog. It feels great! Today is Freedom Day in South Africa… yes, yet another public holiday in April. This day is, however, more than just another of the many April-based public holidays. Freedom Day remembers the first post-apartheid political election, held on […]

  • A quick word on inspiration and driving output

    What is inspiration? Where does it come from? How can it drive productive output? These are all valid questions. At this moment, it’s a little misty outside my window. It’s early and I’m almost on my way to a nice hot cup of tea. This doesn’t seem related to the post at all, does it? It […]

  • Magic: The Gathering feature on Zoopy

    Ever since I can remember, I’ve been keen on the world of make-believe. The “wow, wouldn’t it be cool if time machines and inter-dimensional portals actually existed” kind of make-believe, jumping into a world of ancient lore, beings with supreme powers and virtually infinite possibility in terms of what can and cannot exist. Several years […]

  • Save the Cape Town City Ballet

    Friends, please take a moment to read the post below, as it is of utmost importance to us all. Arts and culture is a concept on which many thrive and many others bare teeth. Like it or not, arts and culture shapes us, as human beings, in ways that cannot be put into words. That […]

  • A change of scenery and why I try not to write draft posts

    Okay, lately I’ve been blogging a lot about WordPress, Magento and coding in general. Time for a breather, folks. No techie stuff in this blog post, just a fun, relaxing read about a change of scenery, stream-of-conscious writing and why I prefer it to writing draft blog posts. Okay, just a little bit of techie […]

  • A theory on approaching difficult tasks

    Whichever industry you work in, whether you work for yourself or a company and whatever your job description, there are days where things just aren’t going your way. No matter how long you sit at your desk, tapping your pencil, the solution to the problem at hand just isn’t apparent. As a developer, the problem […]

  • The discovery of blogging

    I find blogging to be such a unique and interesting medium for communication. Share news, thoughts and information with the world and interact with those who comment on your writings. This, on the surface, seems like a somewhat well-known concept. The question is, is it?

  • How to stop gym from being scary

    To many people, the thought of going to gym is great. To many others, the thought is daunting. “I don’t need the gym; I’ll just run around my road a few times a week.” This is such a common thought. Why, though, is the thought of going to gym so scary for many? Before, I […]