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  • A bit of Friday inspiration

    … for all the musos out there. This looks pretty awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • … but which guitar?

    My first electric guitar: a classic Washburn BT-3, black with a white scratchplate. It resembles the Fender Stratocaster shape, with a more rounded body and 3 pegs on either side of the headstock, instead of Fender’s single line of 6 (this is a blog post all on it’s own… how does tuning one string and […]

  • South African musos on Twitter: The List

    Since my previous post on South African bands on Twitter, I’ve been contemplating drafting a list of South African bands and musos that tweet. After reading Anna’s blog post on the topic, listing South African music industry Twitter users, I’ve decided to draft the list. Twitter is an amazing service that can assist bands in […]

  • South African bands arrive on Twitter

    Recently, I’ve noticed an explosion of South African bands and artists signing up on Twitter to promote themselves. It’s taken a while for bands to cotton on, and they’re now chomping at the bit to get going. The question here is, really, “will these bands use Twitter for it’s intended purpose, or purely as a […]

  • Hog Hoggidy Hog set to tour new album

    Legendary Capetonian ska/punk band, Hog Hoggidy Hog, have placed a firm hoofprint in the hearts of South African music lovers. For over a decade, the Hogs have toured South Africa, and to Europe, spreading their brand of “hogcore” punk rock to the masses. Throughout their time, the band have released three studio albums, as well […]

  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus confirmed for Coke Zero Fest 2009

    It’s official. Florida based American rock band,ย The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, are confirmed to perform at Coke Zero Fest 2009. The addition of this rock supergroup to the line-up can only lead to positive things for the festival. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus will be performing alongside Oasis, Snow Patrol, PANIC! At The Disco, Bullet For My […]

  • More South African bands announced for Coke Zero Fest 2009

    Since the innitial announcement of the line-up for Coke Zero Fest 2009 (when it was mentioned that more bands will be added soon), I’ve been waiting eagerly to see who will be added. Would it be more local bands? Would it be more international bands? I’m not sure of the exact date this announcement was […]

  • 4 South African albums to expect in 2009

    How often have you heard that your favourite band is “in studio recording their upcoming album”? How many interviews have you read, heard or watched where the band has mentioned that they’re in studio recording an album? This phrase seems to be extremely common among bands in general, which begs the question; “Who is actually […]

  • The Field Band Foundation – Education through The Arts

    Music and the arts have always been a topic close to my heart. Having grown up being a musician from a young age, I have felt the positive impact that music, performance and the arts in general have had on my life and development. Watching a passion-filled performance, whatever it may be, always strikes a […]

  • Red Five Point Star to tour South Africa

    I love it when bands tour to South Africa. We get to show them an awesome time and share our uniquely beautiful landscape and our local musical talent with them. Over the last decade, we’ve hosted bands from all over the world, such as Mad Caddies, NOFX and Lagwagon from the USA, and Skaladdin, Drei […]