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  • Open source thinking and opening up opportunities

    pile of books

    As a creative, I like to identify interesting combinations of thoughts, and believe there is a connected-ness to all things. Thus, two seemingly unrelated topics, thoughts, or items can be combined based on the ways in which they are the same, and which they are different. Finding the common ground between two things, to my […]

  • Curbing Social Media Habits

    I recently “took the plunge” and removed the Facebook app from my mobile phone. Frankly, I’d read simply too much about Facebook “listening in”, and decided it was time to curb this habit and see what happened. What happened next was enlightening, and sparked an interest in how to slowly curb this mindless habit.

  • Removing limitations to achieve success

    All too often we are faced with roadblocks, hurdles and limitations within everything we do. Whether it’s in our personal, work or digital lives, there are often items which stand in the way of us achieving our goals. Success, however, comes flooding through when we remove or refactor these limiting beliefs. Today, I’d like to […]

  • The lean startup loop

    When building your product, it’s important to get off the ground correctly by finding your first customers, gathering customer feedback and shipping your first minimum viable product. Once your product has launched and your market is enjoying what you have to offer, there is an important approach to take to ensure you’re staying relevant, satisfying […]

  • The Science Behind “Buy Now, Pay Later”

    How “buy now, pay later” can help to increase your conversion rates and delight your customers.

  • Communications Theory in Product Design

    As you all know, I love listening to podcasts and being creative. Listening to the myriad of podcasts that I do, I find concepts from one podcast often apply to the field discussed in one of the others. While listening to a podcast on trading card game design, the topic of communications theory and game […]

  • On lazy engineers and automating business

    Tips and tricks for automating common business tasks and fostering a “lazy engineer” mindset.

  • On slowing down to speed up

    In the fast-paced, notification-driven, world we live in, it’s very easy to get whipped up in the “speed of the things”. We’re constantly after faster internet speeds, faster cars, hacks to improve our lives and save us a few moments here or there. The same is true in business. We’re constantly seeking efficiency hacks and […]

  • Learnings While Scaling WooCommerce

    WooCommerce has, at the time of writing, passed over 6 million downloads (and several million active installations) on What many aren’t aware of is, WooCommerce reached the 5 million download mark with only 3 engineers officially working full time on the project (while working on several other projects as well). Throughout this process, we […]

  • Rethinking Email

    Almost 2 years ago, I blogged about how email is broken and that we’re all using it incorrectly. Mostly, I was referring to the sending of unnecessarily large files over email, not so much about the day to day use of email. Every day this week, thus far, my email client has remained closed between […]

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