If This, Then That- put the internet to work for you

“If this, then that” is a common logic step in programming. Most programmers see this on a regular basis, right from when they start out. It feels comfortable… familiar. While the principle is one used in programming, the concept is also a basic logic construct. Why not apply this same principle in daily Internet life?Continue reading “If This, Then That- put the internet to work for you”

Marvel Comics arrive on the iPhone

Capes, masks and laserbeam-projecting eyes. Super strength, shape-shifting and characters from throughout history and the future. All this and more exists within the Marvel Multiverse. Yes, you read correctly… multiverse. How could all of this fit into one small device? Believe it or not, the tech geniuses at Marvel Comics have managed to cram allContinue reading “Marvel Comics arrive on the iPhone”

Foursquare enables check-ins from… everywhere!

Earlier this week, popular geo-social website, Foursquare, enabled their “Foursquare everywhere” feature. Since it’s inception, the company has offered their service (allowing users to “check in” at places and to discover new places in their area) in a select few cities. With the growing popularity of geo-social websites such as Foursquare and Gowalla, the demandContinue reading “Foursquare enables check-ins from… everywhere!”

Twitter introduces new Lists feature

So, I just logged in to my Twitter account via the web interface and saw a notice mentioning a new “Lists” feature that Twitter have just launched. The notice read: “New! Lists. A great way to organize the people you follow and discover new and interesting accounts. (BETA) Lists are timelines you build yourself, consistingContinue reading “Twitter introduces new Lists feature”

Tumblr is the next big thing

Tumblr, the popular blogging software, is a hosted blogging service that enables users to post notes, audio, video, photographs, quotes, links and conversations all in one place. Not a full blogging system like WordPress or MovableType and not a micro-blogging service like Twitter, Tumblr is, I believe, a middle-ground between the two. I believe thisContinue reading “Tumblr is the next big thing”

How often do you type “www.”?

In a world where simple, clean and compact are becoming more desirable, and we pride ourselves on having short and simple website addresses, how often do you type “www.”? To briefly explain “www.”, it is what is refered to as a subdomain on the domain you are visiting. It has become the accepted convention forContinue reading “How often do you type “www.”?”

Content Management that enables developers

Content Management has always been an area of web development designed to make updating a website simple and easy for the end-user. Over time, I believe, the concept of content management systems (CMSes) has developed, in certain aspects, in a point-and-click direction. By point-and-click, I mean where developers sign into a console and click throughContinue reading “Content Management that enables developers”