Re-thinking “Uncategorized” in WordPress

As WordPress users soon come to realise after setting up their website, a few defaults are loaded in. These defaults include a test “Hello World” post with a comment from Mr. WordPress, a “Sample Page’ with some text and instructions and the “Uncategorized” category, amongst the various default “Links” data and “Blogroll” category. Having givenContinue reading “Re-thinking “Uncategorized” in WordPress”

Matty Theme QuickSwitch featured on The Sweet Plugin of the Day

One thing I enjoy almost as much as developing with WordPress is reading about WordPress development and the goings-on within the WordPress community. WPCandy, a website I’ve written a few posts for, is my main go-to resource for community news and current happenings within the WordPress community. Ryan, the editor at WPCandy, broadcasts a videoContinue reading “Matty Theme QuickSwitch featured on The Sweet Plugin of the Day”

More tips for styling the WordPress tinyMCE editor

A few weeks ago, I blogged about styling the tinyMCE editor in WordPress to resemble your WordPress theme’s content area. On this post, I received a comment from LA, asking if it’s possible to style the tinyMCE editor for specific posts or post templates. Folks, it’s WordPress… anything’s possible! With my mission at hand, IContinue reading “More tips for styling the WordPress tinyMCE editor”

Styling the tinyMCE editor in WordPress

With WordPress’ easy to use nature and user interface, content management of websites is accessible to a vast range of users, from the Bill Gates’ of the world right through to users who discovered this “internet thing” just yesterday. Once the concepts of “what is a content management system?” and “Okay, so this is theContinue reading “Styling the tinyMCE editor in WordPress”

Enhancing the comments list in WordPress

With the introduction of the wp_list_comments() function, WordPress enabled users to easily list comments on the websites without having to manually run a series of loops and queries to get the comments into neat XHTML. This function outputs default code with a selection of options for how this code is structured. Today we’ll be customisingContinue reading “Enhancing the comments list in WordPress”

Storing a Twitter username with comments in WordPress

We’ve all seen this before when commenting on a blog post we’ve just read. The standard comment form on a WordPress-driven website asks for a user’s name, email address (not published), website address and their comment. What if we could get some other information from the user*, and later integrate that into their comment? WhyContinue reading “Storing a Twitter username with comments in WordPress”

My (updated) WordPress Plugins Toolbox

Last year, I wrote about my WordPress plugins toolbox, a series of WordPress plugins I find myself using day in and day out. Since then, the list has grown and developed further to adapt to my varying needs when constructing WordPress-driven projects. Below is an updated list of the plugins I find myself using almostContinue reading “My (updated) WordPress Plugins Toolbox”

Are users missing out?

For whatever reason you began blogging, be it personal or otherwise, one aspect of blogging transcends blog type: comments and commenting. Whether you’re blogging about your most recent holiday or about the latest piece of technology, it’s always a nice feeling to receive a comment on your post. A large part of receiving comments on blogContinue reading “Are users missing out?”

Javascript and WordPress – The Definitive Guide

Using custom JavaScript code in a WordPress theme or plugin is, in many cases, a given. Fortunately, WordPress comes bundled with a selection of popular Javascript libraries (jQuery, Prototype and others) for use with your plugins and themes. Many users, however, simply write the `<script>` tags in the header.php file of their theme or asContinue reading “Javascript and WordPress – The Definitive Guide”

Why you need to be on the WordPress Support forums

Do you remember a time when those one or two lines of code just didn’t make sense? When your theme looked different across various internet browsers and you had no idea why? Do you remember when last that happened to you? Those were the times when you more than likely visited a support forum, posting withContinue reading “Why you need to be on the WordPress Support forums”