Child plugins in WordPress. An idea?

I’ve been reading a lot over the past few months about child themes in WordPress and how users have found them to be an invaluable resource when creating WordPress themes. What’s this “child theme” thing? For those unfamiliar with the concept, the way I’d explain it is as follows: A user chooses a WordPress themeContinue reading “Child plugins in WordPress. An idea?”

Custom URL rewrites in WordPress – A Getting Started Guide

I’ve been tweeting quite a bit recently about custom URL rewrites in WordPress. After a few hours of trial and error, I’ve managed to get my specific custom URL rewrites working. After reading through several tutorials online (the majority of which used the same examples to explain only a portion the information I was lookingContinue reading “Custom URL rewrites in WordPress – A Getting Started Guide”

WordPress theme features: What would you like to see?

I’ve been rolling the idea around in my head for a while now to create a WordPress theme, packed with all the features I find myself repeating on each project, as well as some new, useful features… and maybe a few whacky ones as well. Yesterday, I jotted down a list of features I’d likeContinue reading “WordPress theme features: What would you like to see?”

Obox launches the Obox Theme Store

Well, guys, launch day is here. The Obox Theme Store is online! After weeks of watching Dave, Marc and Nat at Obox working late nights and early mornings, weekends, public holidays and all other kinds of days imaginable, the launch has happened, the first sale has come and gone and I must say, it’s lookingContinue reading “Obox launches the Obox Theme Store”

A few guidelines for WordPress plugin development

The WordPress plugin API is vast and powerful. It allows developers to essentially hook code into almost any area of the WordPress system without modifying the core files at all. It also allows for the creation of standalone plugins that work within the WordPress system but do not hook into the core modules. Over theContinue reading “A few guidelines for WordPress plugin development”

My WordPress plugins toolbox

Hey everyone, Just thought I’d post a list of my most regularly installed WordPress plugins and why they are installed on virtually every WordPress installation I do. If there are any plugins I haven’t listed that should be, please let me know in the comments. 🙂 1. Maintenance Mode This plugin is truly awesome. ItContinue reading “My WordPress plugins toolbox”

Getting the information of a root page in WordPress

Often, when using WordPress as a content management or blogging tool on a website, one uses a multi-level page structure. This entails a page being listed “underneath” another page in a tree structure. Usually, if your WordPress installation’s permalinks deviate from the default setting, your page URL structure will look something like this: (Note:Continue reading “Getting the information of a root page in WordPress”

WordPress Shortcodes… in short

In the spirit of the topic, I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Today I’ll be discussing WordPress’s shortcode API and how to utilise it. WordPress shortcodes are codes (eg: [list_bookmarks]) which can be typed into the content area of a page or post in order to provide functionality of some kind. Shortcodes can beContinue reading “WordPress Shortcodes… in short”

Integrate tinyMCE into a WordPress widget

So, the native WordPress text widget is great, right? It allows users to insert virtually any form of content into a widget, provided they either want plain text or know a bit of HTML. The fact that this widget can be used in multiple instances is also awesome. Recently, I’ve needed to provide a bitContinue reading “Integrate tinyMCE into a WordPress widget”

What do you look for in a “premium grade” WordPress theme?

… Is it an advanced feature set? Is it a cutting edge design? Is it a combination of both with a sprinkling of pixie dust for extra magic? What do you look for in a “premium grade” WordPress theme? I use the term “premium grade” as I’m not refering specifically to paid-for or “premium” WordPressContinue reading “What do you look for in a “premium grade” WordPress theme?”