man meditating on a tree log


What is coaching?

Coaching is a solution-focused approach to change.

Coaching is about holding a space for an individual or group to take a wider view of what’s possible, and to look inward to determine what might be fueling their current situation. A coach asks empowering questions which assist the individual or group in exploring new possibilities be they personal, professional, or situational.

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is for anyone who is transitioning to the next phase in a sphere of their life. Whether growing in your career, building your business, or moving to the next stage of your life, coaching can guide you there. Coachees are forward looking, reflective, and open to exploration with a clear goal in mind.

Why me?

I coach because it brings me great joy and fulfillment to go on a journey with someone, towards taking charge of their life, identifying their needs, and working towards those needs with compassion, self-love, and motivation to succeed.

Should we talk?

If you’re an individual looking to unlock your goals, or a business leader in the tech industry looking to build high performing teams, lets chat.