Create customer loyalty through storytelling

The craft beer craze has been around in Cape Town for some time now. While out for a day in the sun with friends this past weekend, we got onto the subject of what sets craft beer apart from commercially brewed beer. While not a huge beer drinker myself, I found something really special in this conversation.

The key point in favour of craft beer, aside from the taste, is the story behind the beer and the brewery. Through the discussion, we ascertained that one feels more connected to the beer, and thus more likely to purchase and consume it, if one understands a bit about where the beer came from. This is creating a sense of connection and loyalty between the customer and the product/manufacturer.

Lets try and prove or refute this concept by applying it elsewhere.

Let me tell you a story

While having this discussion, we happened to be sitting at the newly-formed Batstone Pool Club in the Cape Quarter area of Cape Town. This is a really great location for hanging out, having some food, enjoying great conversation and perhaps having a little dip into their pool on a hot day. We arrived at the pool club because I’m connected with the folks who run and own the place (an energetic group of entrepreneurs in the startup business space).

What keeps me coming back is the story.

The Batstone team love telling their story. The energy with which they tell the story of the Batstone Pool Club makes me want to tell the story to others, without waiting for permission to do so. To take a project from idea to minimum viable product (MVP) in 7 weeks is nothing short of incredible, especially when you see how amazing the MVP is.

How I apply this

Another favourite pastime of mine is telling the WooThemes story. Where we started from, the road we’ve travelled and how we’ve grown a product to power 18% of all eCommerce websites online (at the time of writing) with a small and dedicated core team focussed on the product, as well as a flourishing community of passionate contributors.

Storytelling is an age old pastime of our species. Pre-handwriting, this was how we shared information. Sharing stories does so much for everyone involved, from those listening to those sharing the story itself. I know I feel absolutely amazing when sharing a story I’m passionate about, and discussing various aspects of it in a Q&A session afterwards.

When starting your new idea, make sure you’re keenly aware of your story. Even if your story may seem hum drum to you, it’s definitely valuable to someone out there. You are your brand. Your journey is your story. Your journey is your brand’s journey. Share it. Discuss it. Encourage others to share their stories with you. You may find others who’ve experienced similar paths to your own.

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    • Thanks Dwain! This means a lot to me. 🙂

      I feel stories provide context and show where we come from. Often times, folks can experience the same event and interpret it entirely differently, based on their background and ultimately, their story.

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