Do you use Twitter’s “Favourites”?

I do. The main question is, how do you use the feature? Also, where do your favourites go, and can other users view them?

For those unfamiliar with the feature, it allows Twitter users to mark a tweet as a “favourite” for viewing at a later stage… kind of like an archive.

Twitter’s “Favourites” menu has sparked the above questions in me for a while now. I imagine that everyone’s use of the feature is slightly different. I use the favourites menu almost as a bookmarking facility, allowing me to make notes of tweets via my mobile (for example, a tweet with an interesting URL) which I can then go and read when I’m at a bigger screen.

There’s an interesting post and some cool comments on the Twitter “Favourites” menu over here on the Twitter help portal.

How do you use the Twitter “Favourites” menu, if you do?

3 responses to “Do you use Twitter’s “Favourites”?”

  1. My Twitter favorites feed is almost 90% full of the funniest tweets I’ve come across other than my own. As a rule, I don’t favorite my own tweets (LOL), but sometimes I tweet something so funny, I just can’t resist!

  2. I love them. I use it when I read something that I find interesting, funny, or just useful. At the moment, I see it only as personal use, but if I wander across an interesting Twitter page, I might glance over their faves.

    • Awesome. 🙂 Do you reckon there’s room for Favourites categories, or a checkbox to set the display status (public or private) of a favourite tweet? I mean, I use it to bookmark interesting tweets (usually with links to content I’d like to read) and for bookmarking fun tweets.

      Do you reckon it’d take on an almost functionality? Or would that be digressing from the purpose of the functionality?

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