Does pop music have a “sell by” date?

Pop music, generally accepted as music that is geared towards being popular with a mass market, flows consistently like a running river. New artists arrive on the scene at a steady pace, and existing artists tend to slide to the other end of the conveyer belt into a “what are they up to since their career ‘ended’?” kind of section.

There are, however, artists that seem to stick around longer than the average.

With the unfortunate recent passing of Michael Joe Jackson, and the regular broadcasting of his music on radio since his passing, I began thinking; “does pop music really have a “sell by” date?” Jackson’s music, when listened to now, seems to blend in with the music of the time, as if it were recorded yesterday. This music, while unknowingly avante garde for it’s time, revolutionised the music industry in a way that cannot even begin to be described. Music that truly stands the test of time.

Whether you enjoyed his music or not, Michael Jackson set a standard for music to come. His band comprised some of the most sought after musicians known today and his numerous world tours were nothing short of breathtaking.

In conclusion, I am to believe that no, pop music doesn’t always come and go like yesterday’s breeze. If executed correctly, and with enough passion, music really can stand the test of time.

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