Earth Hour 2009: An awesome hour of darkness

Earth Hour 2009 has come and gone. And what an experience.

I was following the Earth Hour proceedings via Twitter on my mobile for the hour. So many people participating and having an awesome relaxing hour with candles, friends or just in the dark having an awesome time. I did read, unfortunately, that a few people noticed lots not participating in their area. Was this a lack of awareness of the Earth Hour, or was it apathy?

I found the hour to be very relaxing. I may just make it a regular feature. It can also be a great time to bond with friends and family. Maybe light some candles and play a few rounds of “30 Seconds”?

All in all, the efforts to participate in the Earth Hour were made well by South Africans, in my opinion. I mean, even Table Mountain turned off it’s lights for the occasion.

Here’s to many more Earth Hours in the future and to the creation of awareness of our global environmental situation at the moment.

What did you do for Earth Hour 2009?


  1. I was down at the Waterfront in Cape Town. It was awesome, especially the children’s choir that they brought it. I ended up getting lots of photos, so that was neat.

    1. That sounds awesome, Shaun. 🙂

      Have you got your photos online anywhere? It’d be awesome to see them. If not, may I recommend

      Cheers and thanks for sharing your comment,

  2. I got home with my parents, lit up a braai, played guitar on the stoep and chilled. It was very relaxing. Also thinking of making it a regular thing. 😀

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