Restaurant review: Fusion Cafe, Bistro

Fusion CafeOkay, so who doesn’t love a good meal out, hmmm? I’m not much into writing restaurant reviews or anything, so I thought I’d give it a go with the restaurant I ate at last night -Fusion Cafe- and share my thoughts and experiences at the restaurant. I’ve been walking past the restaurant and not going in for a few months now, on the way to other restaurants, and was pleasantly surprised when I decided to finally have a meal there.

Fusion Cafe is a sports bar/restaurant hybrid. The sections are separated by a perpendicular walkway which allows visitors to eat in the restaurant and not be disturbed by rowdy sports fans, if they’re looking for a quiet meal. The division between the two is subtle yet just right to be convenient for virtually any visitor.

The food at Fusion Cafe is a small yet varied menu, consisting of fish dishes, hamburgers, nachos, salads, starters and desserts. Essentially, there’s something for everyone. The unique factors come in with the presentation… wow. The non-soup dishes with side items (for example, a hamburger and chips) are presented in a stacked method, with the side order as the base on the plate. This is, I’d say, quite unique and an interesting concept for presentation.

Ultimately, the experience was top class. The environment is pleasant and welcoming, the food is well presented and extremely tasty and I’ll be going back there again for sure.

Photos will be up as soon as possible. The food presentation is best seen, rather than read about. 🙂

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