Gatorpeeps – An African micro-blogging platform

“Africa’s talking, are you?” – the Afrigator slogan, the company that has (a few minutes ago) released it’s new product, Gatorpeeps, an African micro-blogging platform similar to Twitter.

Gatorpeeps has some really nifty features, including hashtag (#) communities, allowing easy categorising of “peeps” (“tweets” on Gatorpeeps) as well as streamlined searching on various topics through these hashtags. The service is automatically available to existing Afrigator users (a convenient aspect to encourage existing users to adopt the service), and has a clean and clear interface for working your way around Gatorpeeps.

I’m excited to see the progression of this service. Many kudos to the Afrigator team on an awesome job of Gatorpeeps. One feature I would like to see on the service would be more Ajax-like functionality (for example, loading the @username into the “peep” box without reloading the page). This is not so much a feature as much as an enhancement. All in good time hey. 🙂

For more information on Gatorpeeps and what others have to say about the service, Bandwidth Blog and Mike Stopforth’s blog have posts discussing the service.

See you in Gatorville!


  1. Thanx Matty! We’ll look into that enhancement for you… we just need the mobile component and API ASAP then enhancements will happen…

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