Hidden words and phrases

We bring our world into being through our words and speech. We speak, and the world materializes around us. Our choice of words and phrases matters, and is integral to building the world we want to live in. I’ve noticed, lately, that there are hidden words and phrases in how we communicate with ourselves, which may have unintended internal consequences. First, lets get clear on how intention plays a role alongside our word and phrase choice.

It’s about this time where one becomes hyper aware of the words one uses, and afraid of “putting something out there” unintentionally. The intention we place on our words is a part of how we communicate, so there’s no need to fear putting something out there unintentionally.


Did you see the hidden word? “Pathetic”. The word “empathic” means the same as “empathetic”, yet we often choose the latter. Why say something where there is hidden implication that a person is pathetic?

I can’t

“Oh, I can’t wait to see so-and-so!” – yes, you can. Everyone can wait even a short while for something they’d really like to do/see/experience, especially if you’re “looking forward” to it. “Oh, I’m so looking forward to seeing so-and-so!” – this says the same message, without telling yourself that you can’t do something. There’s no need to hold yourself back, knock yourself down, or to teach yourself a lack of patience.

These are two such examples of what could be described as negative self talk. Keep an eye out for these hidden words and phrases, and add any you find in the comments below.


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