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Hey everyone, it’s been a while, right?


While sitting here at Pressnomics 2013, I was fortunate to be in the front row for a very energetic session given by Bill Belew around how to beat anyone at anything every time. This kind of content is exactly the kind of session I love.

I love the idea that anyone can do anything at any time and do it better than anyone else, “on demand”. Bill’s passion for this statement resonates with me.

One emphasis of Bill’s session was what I’d deem his catch-phrase; “just hit the ‘Publish’ button”. This is a great statement. Create awesome content, regularly, and share it with the world.


This is an approach I’ve tried in the past, with a 1-post-per-day style. While this didn’t really work out for me, I feel I’m coming to realise why. Posting for posting’s sake doesn’t work in the long term. Just create amazing content that you’re super passionate about and the rest will follow.

I’m also discovering why I haven’t been much of a regular blogger of late. A few “hurdles” have been in the way, such as load speed of my WordPress dashboard, feeling like a lot of the interface around posting that I don’t really need and, ultimately, I just write in other areas such as iA Writer and Draft. I also want to get a fresh design up on here that is more my style.

Time to get cracking and JFDI.

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  1. Hey Matt.

    Thanks for getting the point of my presentation.

    Focus can be a problem … among other things. This is one reason why I don’t mind telling everybody everything I know. In the end, too many of them still can’t or won’t do it. The enemy is clutter/distraction.

    Thanks for the mention here.

    Totally looking forward to next year.


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