How often do you type “www.”?

In a world where simple, clean and compact are becoming more desirable, and we pride ourselves on having short and simple website addresses, how often do you type “www.”?

To briefly explain “www.”, it is what is refered to as a subdomain on the domain you are visiting. It has become the accepted convention for “” and “” to point to the same website. In theory, however, “”, “” and “” could all point to different websites entirely.

Knowing this, I ask; How often do you type “www.” or “http://” in your web browser?

I don’t think typing “www.” will ever truly phase out and become non-existant. I do believe that website owners will become more aware of the website without “www.” and will make sure their website works without a subdomain as well as with the “www.”.

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. i hardly ever type www. anymore. Never ever type http bla bla bla.
    Just this afternoon i had a prospective client call me and give me his website. he said its “xyzCompany” and i justa asked “” and he said “yes, and then www. infront of course”
    I was like … uuuh, ja – that much i could guess 🙂

    1. Hey Tanya. 🙂

      The last part of your comment is the reason for this blog post. Why is the “www” part an “ofcourse”? It’s actually not an “ofcourse”, given what I posted about it potentially pointing to a different website entirely to the domain without the “www”. In addition to this, not everyone sets up the records for the non-“www” domain to point to the same as the “www” domain.

      P.S Nice URL in your comment… sans-“www”. 😛

  2. I never type the ‘www’ unless the site is not up to scratch enough to know that the domains are the same. I find this happens in South Africa more than other places. Then it’s just annoying!

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