How to stop gym from being scary

To many people, the thought of going to gym is great. To many others, the thought is daunting. “I don’t need the gym; I’ll just run around my road a few times a week.” This is such a common thought. Why, though, is the thought of going to gym so scary for many? Before, I continue, let me say that I’m not  exercise-mad, nor am I an avid gym bunny.

I believe that fitness, health and exercise is all about one’s mindset. Getting up, packing a gym bag and heading off to the gym is the first part. If you’ve got that waxed, you’re well on your way. The second part is where many stop: the actual gyming part.

So many people walk into a gym and have no idea what to do and where to do it. A few things I learned when getting started on a new machine are the following:

  1. Anything yellow you can touch. This applies to “Technogym” machines, found in many gyms in South Africa. These yellow levers are for adjusting the weight intensity, the seat position and any other settings on the machine.
  2. Check the weight and seat height before you start. You wouldn’t want to damage your body.

Right. Now that that’s sorted, where to now?

Going to gym alone or with a friend, a jumping sporadicly from machine to machine, is an interesting way of gymming. However, how do you know that you’re getting a proper workout? Enter, the Super Circuit.

The Super Circuit is a series of machines designed to work the majority of the major muscle groups in your body. It is a controlled environment, comprised of a series of sessions per machine, where you move from machine to machine in a specific order, using alternate time sections to exercise (keeping your heart rate up) on the steps in the centre. This is a great way to get a full workout as well as enjoy gym time. This is also where the above-mentioned mindset comes in.

The Super Circuit is also a group exercise. Each person needs to move in the correct order at the correct times for the entire group of Super Circuit users to achieve their goals. A team effort which ultimately benefits everyone.

So if you thought you were alone at the gym and had no idea what to do, the Super Circuit is the way to go. If you’re unsure of something, just ask. It’s definitely helped me become more of a gym bunny. 😛

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