I can haz trifle?

A few evenings ago, I had an awesome trifle. It was bought, but still awesome. This got me to thinking; “How much more AWESOME would a trifle be if home-made?“. I love combining my hobbies. Music and computers, internet and photography, the social web and cooking… all great combinations.  I chose the third combination for the above task.

I love Cookstr. It’s a great service to find the perfect recipe for your meal that suits you best and is, at the same time, possible that it was crafted by a professional chef, making the potential outcome of an even higher standard. In this instance, I popped over to Cookstr and typed “trifle” in the search box. Simple search query, with instant results.

(Cookstr was also the source for the original Jamie Oliver sorbet recipe, used as the base for my refreshing sorbet recipe).

Of the myriad of trifle recipes at my disposal, I chose one with a moderate production cost and under 2 hours kitchen time. Sounds perfect. I’ll be trying out this trifle recipe as soon as possible and will post up my results. 

 Image Courtesy: Cookstr.

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