I love Saturday Mornings

I love Saturday Mornings. Waking up to cool, calm weather (or blisteringly hot or cold, it doesn’t matter really), having a cup of tea and slowly getting into the day.

I find that mornings like Saturday (and Sunday… lets not forget Sunday) are great motivators for me. I get myself into “to-do” mode and get loads done. At this point you might be thinking; “but… it’s a Saturday?”. Yeah, I know. This is the interesting bit. Taking it slow, as one does on a Saturday or Sunday morning, seems to take the “work” out of to-do lists. You can get up when you like and get your list done at your convenience.

I also feel so relaxed on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I’m not certain if it’s just my perception of what a Saturday or Sunday morning is supposed to be like, or if it’s real… but hey, I love it. 🙂

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