If This, Then That- put the internet to work for you

“If this, then that” is a common logic step in programming. Most programmers see this on a regular basis, right from when they start out. It feels comfortable… familiar. While the principle is one used in programming, the concept is also a basic logic construct. Why not apply this same principle in daily Internet life?

“If X happens, do Y”. This could be replaced with, for example, “if you see a new blog post here, send a tweet out telling your followers about it”.

Enter Ifttt… simply named, “If this, then That”. Ifttt puts the internet to work for you. Offering a wide and ever-growing variety of channels to work with, Ifttt makes it possible to link various services to one another, based on various conditions. For example, when this post goes live, a tweet will be sent out, a status update posted to Facebook and a push notification sent to my phone, advising me that the post has been published.

Why stop there?

You could send an e-mail out every day at 5pm. You could sync up files with your Dropbox or keep an Evernote catalog of all the links you post on Twitter or save on Instapaper. The possibilities are only limited by the channels available and your imagination.

Ifttt is currently in beta and is, I believe, invite only.

I’m excited to experiment a bit more with it and see what it can do. If you’ve got an account or get an invite, there are also a bunch of “recipes” (Pre-made tasks, shared by other users) to help you get started.

Do you have an Ifttt account? If so, what are some of the tasks you’ve put the Internet to work on for you?

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