Keep your mobile ‘in sync’ using Google Sync

No iPhone? Can’t get hold of a Google Android phone? Pout no more… you can now still have “Google” on your mobile phone. I’ve tried out Google’s Gmail application on my Nokia S60 mobile with success. It’s a great app. It only covers the email features though, so I’d have to login via Google mobile to do anything with my calendar or other Google features, on which the mobile functionality is still somewhat limited. Google steps up now to introduce Google Sync.

 Google Sync allows you to keep your mobile contacts and calendar (depending on your mobile device) with your Google account. This is done in true sync style, meaning that any updates made on your Google account can be synced automatically to your mobile device, and visa versa. You can also get calendar alerts on your device.

Sync is currently in BETA and is available for the iPhone and BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Nokia S60, Nokia Standard and Sony Ericsson devices. I look forward to testing this service out a bit and seeing how it works. I would imagine that Google will have to address many privacy concerns with this service, as users are sharing their contact information from their mobile (possibly more information that an email address as in Gmail) with Google, as well as syncing a personal mobile device with their Google account.

If you decide to check out Google Sync, don’t forget to BACKUP YOUR MOBILE PHONE DATA before you start. 😉

Video Overview, courtesy Google Mobile:

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