Knowing when to extend the goal posts

A few months ago, David and Marc posted a video blog entitled “Setting small goals to achieve big ones“. This video focussed on how to rather set lots of smaller goals that are easier to atain than one or two big goals. This approach can be most effective when the smaller goals are set and met on time.

Recently, I’ve discovered an additional tip on this topic. My thoughts were prompted by the following notion: Setting small goals in order to achieve a fewer bigger goals is an effective method of working. What happens though, when the smaller goals and the bigger goal have both been achieved? The answer is simple.
Move the goal post.

The smaller goals, as well as the immediate larger goal, have both been achieved. It’s now time to shift the goal post and wash, rinse, repeat. While this might seem obvious at first, in practice it isn’t always obvious. One could sit for ages without realising that the larger goal has already been achieved. Therefore, it’s essentially about knowing when to move the goal post and move on to your next set of smaller goals.

What do you guys think?

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the video blog posted by Dave and Marc, here it is:

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