Knowing Your Limits And Gaming Yourself

Since starting this blog several years ago, I’ve tried several techniques to keep up a regular blogging routine. From blogging daily for a week or two, to attempting to blog every day for an entire year, I’ve tried them all.

While this blog isn’t a business for me, it’s a great way to share knowledge, thoughts and interesting discoveries. At the same time, I simply cannot dedicate all day every day to blogging, researching and constructing articles. Ultimately, it’s also not how I most enjoy writing.

So here’s what I’ve done.

52 posts

I have, for some time, had the idea in my mind that any habit-related goal is possible to achieve at the “once a week” level. It’s 52 repetitions of the goal, it can’t be that difficult.

So lets apply that to blogging. I’m aiming to publish 52 posts on this blog this year, one post each Monday afternoon, South African time.

What this goal has done for me

Setting this goal has given me a finite target. The goalpost doesn’t shift, wax or wane as the year progresses. It is what it is. Subsequently, knowing the goal has resulted in me trying to game myself. While I can write a post a day at the moment, I’ve realised it’s important for me to notice that about myself and to think of tomorrow. If I can write two blog posts today, I should stick to my publishing schedule and have one “in the bank” for a future date.

This is another hack I’ve applied in my consistent attempts at hacking myself.

Whatever it is your goal may be, try and set yourself a realistic limit. For me, that limit seems to be once a week for low-yield (yet fulfilling) tasks, such as blogging here. That may increase, it may not. Who knows. Ultimately, the “once a week” goal is a good start and a solid springboard from which to flourish.

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