Learning to Fly

I firmly believe that anything is possible and that we should rethink the concept of “the impossible”. Sometimes, the end goal may just take a few steps longer than others, to achieve.

Contrasted to that, I like to see things get done now. Just git-r-dooooone. Generally, I don’t find this too tricky to achieve, as I’m used to the environment in which many of my day-to-day goals reside (code, WordPress, products, value). Having a firm grasp of one’s surroundings makes goal setting and achieving far easier.

My mom always says, I perform best when I’m at the top of my class. Bear in mind, I was a C-average student in school. I believe what my mom means, here, is that I perform best when I’m feeling confident in what I’m doing, and my knowledge of the topic and surroundings.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve recently taken up running. This is definitely not my comfort zone, nor do I know much about what I’m doing at all. I have to take a step back, slow down and keep my eye on the prize. I’m learning to fly, one wing flap at a time.

This track feels appropriate for this post.

More than anything, really, this post is a reminder to future me. Don’t be afraid to take a goal head-on and, at the same time, one step at a time. The two are not exclusive.

Hey man, stay focussed!

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