Meditation: Health & Clarity

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Continuing the practice of meditating on annual word themes (here’s the meditation for 2021 on “kindness” and “positivity”), below is 2020’s meditation, working backwards to fill in meditations for previous annual word themes.

Our words for 2020 were “health” and “clarity”.


To be healthy is to encompass all that is us, and to see that it is good. To be healthy is to have all organs (physical, mental, and spiritual) functioning as they are intended, with no unnecessary blockages or disruptions. To be healthy is often also a proxy for being well. Thus, I would assert that both health and wellness are of paramount importance for being a three-dimensional person.


Sought by everyone and not always found, clarity is the “making clear” of a question, a situation, an ask, a problem, or a circumstance. The removal of confusion, shifting the focus toward forward action, and away from unproductive shoulder-gazing. Clarity of purpose. Clarity of the “big goal”. Clarity of the simplest next step to take towards the big goal, and the purpose.

What was grey becomes clear, if only we open ourselves to the possibility of hearing and sensing opportunities for clarity.


Health and clarity. Clarity and health. Clarity can provide health and wellness, resolving internal struggles and pains. Clarity can offer a next step, a clear pathway, a course of action toward achieving and maintaining health. Health being as coveted as it is opens up opportunities for fear to creep in. Clarity can offer perspective, helping to maintain a median of health and wellness through even the toughest of circumstances.

Health and wellness can offer bring clarity, as well. If one deems oneself “unhealthy”, one can receive clarity about next steps which are possibly outside of our control. That clarity can foster a health and wellness within us, where the state of our health can lead to a clarity we hadn’t previously seen for ourselves.

As with all combinations in our annual word themes, the trend is simple; one hand washes the other.

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