Meditation: Kindness & Positivity

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Each year, my partner and I choose one word each. These words combined will be our theme for the year, woven into the fabric of everything we do, and attracted by our thoughts and focus on them. Our words for 2021 are “kindness” and “positivity”.

This year, I decided to evolve our process, and externalize the meditation I do on these words, both to crystalize it for future, and to deeper explore the thought process. These will be streams of consciousness.


To be kind is always better than to be right. Kindness applies to oneself, as well as to others. Sometimes, kindness can be to not do or say something, to preserve what a person holds most dear. At other times, kindness can be saying something difficult which a person could benefit from, however difficult it might be to hear. Kindness is placing those words in an envelope appropriate to the receiver (for example, gentle tone if the receiver is more sensitive in nature). Kindness carries a pause, prior to action or inaction. In this pause, consider the receiver. Decide based on them, not on oneself.


A special and often under utilized concept. Much like kindness, positivity is within, yet this is also the beginning place for positivity. One must first be positive within before externalizing and spreading that positivity. To define positivity internally is simple and elegant- it doesn’t have to be big gestures or big feelings. Let it be simple. Let it be the sun on your face as you drink your morning beverage. Let it be excitement for the day. Let it be the acknowledgement of a good feeling, and let positivity expand on that feeling (for example, feeling excited to start the day, followed by additional motivation about what to look forward to, etc). Positivity is a choice to focus on the good and exciting in the world, without dismissing that which we choose not to focus on.


Kindness and positivity are intertwined in many ways. To be positive within is an act of kindness to oneself, where one’s mind is wired to be the opposite and to focus on danger and threats. To be kind to oneself and to others fosters a positive mindset and positive action in the world. Kindness assists us in choosing to focus our energy on that which is good and positive, which is the hallmark of a positive mindset. Positivity helps us to focus on kindness, that which brings a little more joy to ourselves and to others.

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