More South African bands announced for Coke Zero Fest 2009

Since the innitial announcement of the line-up for Coke Zero Fest 2009 (when it was mentioned that more bands will be added soon), I’ve been waiting eagerly to see who will be added. Would it be more local bands? Would it be more international bands? I’m not sure of the exact date this announcement was made, but it has been made!

Joining the innitial bands for Coke Zero Fest 2009 are locals Foto Na Dans, aKING (only at the Cape Town festival) and Cassette. This is really great. While the bands are all rock bands (ie: no reggae, punk, blues or other bands), this is a great showcase of South Africa’s musical talent. Aside from that, the majority of the South African bands are based in Cape Town. The influence mountain must surely have something to do with this selection.

I truly am so glad that we can show off such a wealth of South African musical talent to the international viewing public. As a country, we have so much to offer. I mean, Cape Town alone is full to the brim with musical talent. Every day, a new band is discovered and enjoyed by at least one South African. The three bands that have been added to the list are all accomplished and doing steadily well in the South African music industry. Is this maybe a chance for them to break into the international market?


If not, what’s most important is that the chance is there. The rest is up to the bands and whoever may be watching in the audience or backstage. The new variety added to Coke Zero Fest 2009 has definitely added a refreshing air of spice to the line-up.

What do you think of the new additions to the line-up? Is there anyone else you’d like to see as well? Please share in the comments. 

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