No Doubt are back…no doubt about it

No Doubt, the American ska/rock sensation, are set to tour after a five-year hiatus. Being a band that I enjoy and have listened to for many years, I was delighted to read this article in The Times, describing their tour and return to the stage.

Lead singer and face of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, went on to say that their reason for touring was to have fun and to perform their favourite songs again. This, to me, is what music is about- having fun and sharing your enjoyment with the world. The music that No Doubt writes is fun, energetic, entertaining and smooth, with Stefani’s vocals providing a unique touch to the overall No Doubt sound. The band members have, over the past five years, grown as individuals (Stefani is a mother with two solo albums under her belt). Watching musicians enjoying songs from their pasts is truly a unique experience. The passion, heart and enthusiasm given to the performance is like no other.

The band will be touring the northern hemisphere on their upcoming Summer tour. Hopefully the response from this tour (and feedback from South African fans) will spark the idea of a southern hemisphere tour? Maybe with a few South African bands on the bill? I believe this would do great things for South African music and the perception of South Africa to international bands and event management companies.


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