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At times, we’ve all felt lost. Confused. Uncertain. Perhaps even a combination of all three. At times, we feel stuck. Stuck between thoughts. Between feelings. We’re stuck between where we’ve been, and where we’re going. At times, we feel as though we are “nowhere”. No where.

In these moments, our thoughts and feelings begin to rapidly bubble up, with our mind finding all of the creative ways it can to emphasize how “nowhere” feels.

Today, I’d like to re-frame “nowhere”, simply to “now here”. You are now here. In this moment. What brought you here is in the past, and is immutable and done. What is in your future is currently unwritten. What we know for certain, though, is that you are now here.

Take that moment, and embrace it. What could you do to feel differently in the next moment? How does it feel to take the current moment and feel it fully, knowing that the next moment could be consciously different, by your own design?

Reflect on what brought you to this moment, and how you can build on that, learn from it, and grow into the next moment.

Reflect on how it feels to be now here.

One response to “Now Here”

  1. Thanks for these great thoughts, Matty! It’s so magical to transform “NoWhere” to “Now Here”!

    Indeed, the only thing we have is now and that’s it. We don’t have our past since it’s in the past already and don’t have our future since it will be always uncertain.
    All the wise people of the past said the same things but did it in a different fashion…

    The last thing I’ve read about a similar topic is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle ( No doubt, it helped me a lot to understand that Now is Here!

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