• Meditation: Health & Clarity

    photo of woman sitting on rock

    Continuing the practice of meditating on annual word themes (here’s the meditation for 2021 on “kindness” and “positivity”), below is 2020’s meditation, working backwards to fill in meditations for previous annual word themes. Our words for 2020 were “health” and “clarity”.

  • Meditation: Kindness & Positivity

    backlit balance beach cloud

    Each year, my partner and I choose one word each. These words combined will be our theme for the year, woven into the fabric of everything we do, and attracted by our thoughts and focus on them. Our words for 2021 are “kindness” and “positivity”. This year, I decided to evolve our process, and externalize […]

  • Open source thinking and opening up opportunities

    pile of books

    As a creative, I like to identify interesting combinations of thoughts, and believe there is a connected-ness to all things. Thus, two seemingly unrelated topics, thoughts, or items can be combined based on the ways in which they are the same, and which they are different. Finding the common ground between two things, to my […]

  • Identifying root causes for fun and sustainability

    It seems to be that there are themes and patterns across several areas of life at the same time. What is seen as a recurrence in one area of life seems to come up in others. I’ve noticed this for several months, and this time around the concept of “identifying root causes” is coming up. […]

  • Creating and consuming- a pathway to clearing the mind

    photo of woman writing on tablet computer while using laptop

    There is an interesting tension for me, between creating something new, and consuming something which exists. I find this in email (the emails I send, versus the emails I read), blog posts (those I write, versus those I read), and in many other areas such as todo list items, code pull requests, etc. The principle […]

  • Atomic thinking and scaling teams

    I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, about different ways of thinking and focus, the impact potential of a particular focus, and how even the smallest change/adjustment can have a significant impact upstream. Examples which come to mind are how rowing teams all row together, optimize each row, and work as a team to balance on […]

  • Stoic Journaling

    I explore stoicism, as it relates to journaling and self-observation, as well as using the stoic mobile app to encourage and build the habit.

  • Allow other people to read your mind

    When growing a team, implementing new processes, or even when scoping a new project where you feel you have a clear outcome you’d like to see, it can be so tempting to tell yourself that you “just wish the team could read your mind”, or that the team would just “know how to follow the […]

  • Real Revolutionaries

    A real revolutionary fights for what is right, but brings in love and light. A real revolutionary, is peaceful and non-violent, but strong and potent. A real revolutionary is a soul rebel, unconquerable. The above words from Gregory G Ras have been reminding me of what’s important to remember during times like these we’re experiencing […]

  • Guidelines for Peaceful Co-existence

    I find there are two core “rules” or “guidelines” I see myself reminding myself and those around me of regularly, which are among the longer list of what I’ll refer to as “guidelines for peaceful co-existence”. These are some base principles which, when applied, can lead to reduced internal worry/struggle, and a generally more peaceful […]