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In the last week, Jeff and I presented a workshop at the GROW Academy’s BootCamp, discussing website design & development and focussing on using WordPress to do this. For both our introductory session on Monday and our more in-depth theory discussion on Wednesday, we needed a slideshow presentation to work through the various areas of website construction. Lets zoom back to Monday morning… I needed some slides… in a hurry.

As many of you know, I like to keep my computer as clean as possible. If I don’t use an application, it gets removed and everything that could go onto the machine is thought through before it’s loaded on. Thus, I don’t have PowerPoint, Keynote or anything of the sort… because I don’t need it. Suddenly, I did. Enter SlideRocket.

SlideRocket is a web-based presentation creation tool, similar to PowerPoint or Keynote. They also have a web-app in the Google Chrome Web Store, which is how I got started on it.

The team at SlideRocket have, by the looks of things, put much time, effort and thought into their product and how it interacts with it’s users. While the interface is familiar to anyone who has ever used PowerPoint or Keynote, it doesn’t get in the way of you creating your presentation. At no point did the interface bug me, crash or do anything I wasn’t expecting it to do. This is a welcome change in the arena of presentation tools.

My only concern was the lack of a free export of my presentation (maybe I didn’t see it?). While SlideRocket offers many export options, from PowerPoint to PDF, standalone OS X to standalone Windows, it seems I was unable to export my presentation for free (the above mentioned exports are available after a paid upgrade). While I understand the need for paid upgrades in a free application, I feel it would be advantageous to have some form of basic free export (even just to a set of static HTML files would be good… for simple, in-browser presenting).

To sum up, I really enjoyed my experience with SlideRocket… so much so, in fact, that I decided to blog about it. I needed a presentation quickly and was able to create one in a few minutes, with no hassle. Not only that, but with SlideRocket being a web-app, I could easily add Jeff into the mix and collaborate with him on the slides over the web-app (I mean, we sit next to each other at HQ, but still… collaboration of this nature is invaluable in a presentation tool).

The next time I do a presentation, I’ll most likely jump back into SlideRocket without thinking twice. Thanks for the awesome web-app, guys!


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