Rocking Rockstar Sandals

 Online alternative music and merchandise store, RebelRock, has a new stock of rockstar sandals. Yes, you read correctly…sandals.

This selection of sandals showcases stalwart rock bands such as AC/DC (both mens and ladies) and Pink Floyd, while also adding revolutionary punk/rock band, The Ramones, to the list. They really give me meaning to the phrase, “rock your socks off”…unless, ofcourse, you wear socks with your sandals.
The product looks to be of a very high manufacturing standard. The Ramones sandals look particularly comfortable. 🙂

I’ve been writing a large amount of posts on South African bands, music and culture lately. I believe these sandals to be an interesting merchandising move which could, in turn, work for more established South African bands, in my opinion.
Pink Floyd Mens SandalACDC Ladies SandalRamones Mens Sandal

For more information on these awesome rock ‘n roll sandals and other products, check out the RebelRock online store.

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