4 South African albums to expect in 2009

How often have you heard that your favourite band is “in studio recording their upcoming album”? How many interviews have you read, heard or watched where the band has mentioned that they’re in studio recording an album? This phrase seems to be extremely common among bands in general, which begs the question; “Who is actually releasing their albums and is finished with the recording and production?”. This is who.

Below are several South African bands’ albums to keep an eye and ear out for in 2009. These guys have all been hard at work on their albums for the last year or so, at least. Having followed each of these bands for almost a decade now, I can assure you that they have each pulled out all the stops with their upcoming albums.

Hog Hoggidy Hog

Hog Hoggidy HogStalwarts of South African punk rock. The legendary pork rockers have cemented their hoofs firmly in the hearts of local and international fans. With a legacy that spans over a decade of sex, booze and rocking parties and a trio of studio albums (with a few EPs as well) under their belts, Hog Hoggidy Hog are a South African band second to none. Having worked with Theo Crous (ex- Springbok Nude Girls, current K.O.B.U.S) on their previous offering, “OINK!”, the Hogs return to Theo’s studio for another round of drum “klapping”, guitar swinging and trumpet spinning. I can not wait for this release and to hear what the Hogs have worked on for their fans.

Captain Stu

The Adventures of Captain StuCaptain Stu are a bunch of really rad guys, all old school friends, that get together and have a party. Simple as that.

Having followed the band since the beginning, and performed alongside them at their first gig, I have seen Captain Stu grow, mold and evolve over the last eight or nine years. Their numbers have grown, drummers have rotated, instruments have been swapped around, at times, and their fan base has grown considerably.

Their upcoming offering, “The Adventures of Captain Stu”, is to be released on the 20th of February at The Assembly in Harrington Street, Cape Town. Joinining the Captain for the evening will be The Plastics and Tidal Waves (from Johannesburg). This second studio album is set to be somewhat different from their debut “The Untold Tales of Captain Stu and the Llamas”. I’m itching to check it out.

The Rudimentals

The RudimentalsWhat more can I say about The Rudimentals that you don’t already know? They’re an eight-piece ska, reggae and afro-beat band based in Cape Town. Sporting a blend of traditional ska beats and African rhythms and influence, these guys are maintaining their steady rise like no other band I have seen.

This, their third studio album, showcases the band’s evolution over the last three years since the release of “Set it Proper”, which received much acclaim in the local and international markets. With the addition of Tony Fingers on keyboards and synth, the dancehall grooves are thicker, the brass lines are bolder, yet the band are maintaining their incredible ability to make everyone, of all ages, creeds and backgrounds, get up and dance like crazy as a single entity.

Keep on the lookout for The Rudimentals’ third studio album, to be released this year, followed by a tour of the UK to promote their releases on UK-based internationally recognized ska record label, Moonskaworld. The year will truly kick off in Rudimental style with the “Rudimentals and Friends” concert on the 8th of March at Kirstenbosch Gardens. Make sure you’re there.

Half PriceHalf Price


Dirty punk rock! Sweat! Booze! Rock ‘n roll! Sleaze to the max! I love it!

Half Price have shaken the South African punk rock scene. For the past seven years or so, the band have injected their wild breed of punk rock into the hearts of South African music lovers. With three previous studio releases under their rather sweaty belts, these guys have sung about sex, booze, strip clubs (and politics). Getting naked, brandishing (incredibly) over-sized dildo’s on stage, wearing dresses and skimpy gym shorts…is there anything these guys WON’T do?! Wait, I almost forgot about the “Dirty Underwear Roadtrip” held somewhere around 2003… I don’t think I need to explain. 😛

Over the years, a clear rock ‘n roll influence has hit Half Price. AC/DC covers are a definite favourite at their live shows. This influence has been injected into their upcoming punk rock offering supreme, “The Monotony of Monogamy”, to be released this year… in the next few months, I think.

Keep an ear out for Half Price. Their tunes are hard, fast and loud… PUNK ROCK at it’s dirtiest!

Keep watching the press and this blog for more information on the albums and release dates. I hope to see you at the above releases…whether you’ve heard the band or not, you’ll be sure to have an awesome time… as South African bands always achieve.


    1. Each band takes care of distribution differently.

      I assume that several will be released in local music stores. With the ease of access to bands in Cape Town, it should be relatively straight forward to get in touch with the band directly to purchase their album. 🙂

      Do you know of any other bands planning to release this year?

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