South African musos on Twitter: The List

Since my previous post on South African bands on Twitter, I’ve been contemplating drafting a list of South African bands and musos that tweet. After reading Anna’s blog post on the topic, listing South African music industry Twitter users, I’ve decided to draft the list. Twitter is an amazing service that can assist bands in connecting with their fan base, finding out what their fans would like to know, and sharing information with their fans, potential fans, other bands, etc. If used correctly, the technology can assist bands greatly in growing their fanbase. So, without further ado, here’s the list:

Twitter URL Name Description
@rudimentals The Rudimentals Ska/​Reggae/​Afro-​​beat band
@jaxpanik Jax Panik Electro artist
@goldfishlive Goldfish Electro-​​jazz Fusion duo
@7thsonsa 7th Son Rude Rock Reggae
@thedirtyskirts The Dirty Skirts Indie Rock band
@zebraandgiraffe Zebra and Giraffe Electro-​​rock group
@vancokekartel Van Coke Kartel Afrikaans rock trio
@freshlygroundsa Freshly Ground African Jazz Pop group
@domgoldfish Dom of Goldfish Member of Goldfish
@parlotones The Parlotones Indie Rock group
@DieHeuwels Die Heuwels Fantasties Afrikaans band
@kursemusic KMD Music Distribution
@watermarkhigh The Wartermark High Pretorian acous tic group
@catstringtheory Cat String Theory Rock band
@juliafj Julia Jakobsen Frontwoman of โ€œJules & the Foolsโ€
@saudiqkahn Saudiq Kahn Flamenco Guitarist
@jackhammer Tony Grant
@skyeclad Skyeclad Cape Town based 5-piece rock band
@ashtrayelectric Ashtray Electric
@Taxi_Violence_ Taxi Violence South African rock n roll band
@TuksFM1072 Tuks FM Pretorian radio station
@mktv_ MKtv Music channel on DSTV
@africandope African Dope Records Independent Cape Town based record label
@MusicReviewZA Music Review South African music reviews website
@RedHuxley Red Huxley Self-described “raw music”.
@OppikoppiProd Oppikoppi Festival Popular South African music festival
@Assembly_ct The Assembly Cape Town based live entertainment venue
@PrettyBlueGuns Pretty Blue Guns Garage Rock band from Cape Town
@BigConcerts BiG Concerts South African live music promoter
@tamaradey Tamara Dey Lead singer of Dance band Flash Republic
@mixnblendyo Mix ‘n Blend Cape Town based DJs
@zebraandgiraffe Zebra and Giraffe
@Terrormc Terror MC Hip Hop, Funk, Roots Music
@SAmusicawards South African Music Awards SAMAs on Twitter
@RockingTheDaisy Rocking The Daisies Festival Music festival held in Darling
@RhythmOnline Rhythm Records Record label and online music store
@DieHeuwels Die Heuwels Vantasties Alternative pop band
@ArnoCarstens Arno Carstens Singer/Songwriter and Springbok Nude Girls frontman
@karenzoid Karen Zoid Afrikaans rocker
@crossingpoint Crossing Point Durban based hardcore band
@catstringtheory Cat String Theory Energetic rock band
@JackParow Jack Parow Afrikaanse rapper wat cooler as jy is
@HOGHOGGIDYHOG Hog Hoggidy Hog Cape Town pork-rock legends

I will be adding periodically to this list. I will also update with various music industry twitter users, etc. Anna’s list has a good few names I’ve missed out and which I will be adding soon. Thanks for posting your list, Anna. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad to see bands signing up on Twitter. If you have any bands to add to this list, please add them via the comments below, and they will be added to the list.

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    • Hey Bret. Thanks for your comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

      So glad you like the list. I’ll keep it updated as I find or hear of South African bands or music industry folks on Twitter. ๐Ÿ™‚


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