Christel House SA – A Tweet-up for a Cause

This Saturday morning past saw a group of tweeters, press, teachers and school-kids arrive at Christel House SA in Ottery for what was truly an eye-opening experience. We planted trees on the school grounds, sharing in the construction and landscaping of what is truly an incredible institution. The Christel House school is an institution that provides education and nourishment to under-privelaged youths (grade RO to Matric) from the surrounding areas. The school bus fetches and returns the children daily, as well as the dining hall providing nutritionally balanced nourishment to the students. We had the opportunity to share in the construction of the brand new Christel House school premisis, as well as a walk-through tour of the grounds and the incredible fascilities the school is offering to it’s students.

Costing in the same bracket as an average public school in South Africa, it is a wonder why more schools have yet to adopt the Christel House SA model. With two sports fields (including a cricket pitch), lush fertile grounds, spacious classrooms, a vegetable garden for each classroom and a host of other fascilities, Christel House SA provides a place where students want to be, to learn and to develop.

Tweet-ups, Meet-ups, Relish and Tree Planting

Tweet-ups and Relish

Last night saw the gathering of Captonian tweeters at Relish in town for a tweet-up (meeting of Twitter users). Relish was a great choice of venue for the evening and accommodated everyone perfectly. The event was held in honour of Mike Stopforth’s trip to the Cape. Many turned out for the occassion which made the evening, in my opinion, a great success.

Meet-ups and Tree Planting

Tweet-ups are such a great way to meet people. At each one I have been to, I have met new people and gotten to chat with those that I have met before and discuss things further. I find it very interesting to listen to others, find out more about what they do and enjoy doing, and to learn more about them. Last night, I met a wealth of great tweeters and had some great conversations. I look forward to the next Tweet-up (going to Union was discussed?).