Tag: Inspiration

  • Habits and Riding the Bicycle

    person riding a bicycle in the middle of road surrounded with trees

    “Building a habit takes repetition” is what they say. It’s true! Some people say it takes 21 days to cement a habit. Naturally, building a habit in this way leads to building a “streak” of repeated action, done consistently at the desired cadence (daily, weekly, etc). What happens when the streak breaks? Leo Babauta of […]

  • Opening a Window

    The window above my desk, in my loft office.

    My office is in a converted loft in our home. I have the entire roof area as a workspace, which helps with focus and separating my working time from family and personal time. My loft office (“lofftice”) gets really warm on most days, and particularly warm during the Summer months. Thus begins the deep scientific […]

  • No Surprises

    woman in gray tank top

    I use a “no surprises” approach to life, work, change management, and decision making. Read on to apply this to your own day to day.

  • Real Revolutionaries

    A real revolutionary fights for what is right, but brings in love and light. A real revolutionary, is peaceful and non-violent, but strong and potent. A real revolutionary is a soul rebel, unconquerable. The above words from Gregory G Ras have been reminding me of what’s important to remember during times like these we’re experiencing […]

  • There’s always room for one more; thoughts on competition

    Thoughts on competition, competing in a saturated market, and a theory on how to ignite an “old” or “boring” idea.

  • Why transparency wins customers

    You know, I so often experience small moments of gratitude, in which I then attempt to remind myself to blog about those moments “at some point in the future”. Today, I’m rectifying that by blogging about two such moments right away. I worked this morning at The Hatch, a small local coffee shop by the beach […]

  • Allowing yourself to switch gears

    You’ve found a customer segment who really needs your product, developed a minimum viable version of your product and have launched to your market. Your customers are purchasing your product with roars of cheer and glee. What you do next is what you’ll be doing for the foreseeable future of your business; maintaining your product. […]

  • Knowing what you like

    Many folks, when asked what they like, proclaim to know. Using movies as an example, many would say “I like action movies” or “I like a good comedy”. I don’t believe this is the most accurate response. Today, I’d like to unpack why I believe this.

  • Removing limitations to achieve success

    All too often we are faced with roadblocks, hurdles and limitations within everything we do. Whether it’s in our personal, work or digital lives, there are often items which stand in the way of us achieving our goals. Success, however, comes flooding through when we remove or refactor these limiting beliefs. Today, I’d like to […]

  • Being flexible with your own schedule

    For my regular readers out there, you’ll notice I’ve been blogging consistently each Monday afternoon for several months… until last week. I missed my deadline for posting and was quite displeased with myself for doing so. That being said, missing my streak gave me time to consider the concept of the streak, how I felt […]