Tag: Inspiration

  • Fostering creative thinking

    Where in I discuss creative thinking, how to learn this behaviour and how to apply creative thinking in a business context.

  • Crafting meaningful customer relationships

    When setting up a service or product-based business, there is a concept referred to as “lock in”, where the customer buys in to your ecosystem and, as they add products to their purchase history, it becomes increasingly more difficult to switch away to a competitor. While corresponding over an email chain with friends this morning, […]

  • Starve fear. Feed courage.

    Every negative thought we have, or action we take, feeds our fear. When you trust in your heart and take enjoyment out of your day, this feeds your courage. I feel it’s important to include this short summary at the very beginning, rather than at the end, as it’s important to regularly emphasise this key […]

  • Create customer loyalty through storytelling

    Thoughts on storytelling and using your story to foster customer loyalty.

  • Reflections on 2014

    2014 was a tough year. The toughest year for me, yet. I’ve been debating for a few days whether or not to write a reflections post. I’ve just returned from my first gym session of 2015, and feel pretty positive, so I reckon what better time than the present to write this. This year past […]

  • Achieve any goal (and track your progress) with Lift

    Lets face it, we all have those tasks in life that we with we did more often- “I should really blog more”, is one of mine (hence this blog post). Sometimes, we have surges of motivation in which we begin our good habit-forming tasks, only to forget about them a few moments later. The big […]

  • Surf’s up- Woo goes surfing

    Yesterday morning, some of the WooThemes crew went for a surf at Surfer’s Corner in Cape Town. For most of us, this was to be our first time on a surfboard (and was my first time a wetsuit, full stop). This certainly made for a memorable morning outing. On Fridays, WooThemes works remotely. With Magnus […]

  • Good morning, 2012!

    As I type this, it’s 6:16am on January 1st, 2012. For the last 30 minutes, I’ve been up with a cup of coffee and bowl of cereal, welcoming in the new year (this after having gone to sleep at around 12:30am as well). Despite the early hour, I’m ready to get 2012 started and get […]

  • A quick word on inspiration and driving output

    What is inspiration? Where does it come from? How can it drive productive output? These are all valid questions. At this moment, it’s a little misty outside my window. It’s early and I’m almost on my way to a nice hot cup of tea. This doesn’t seem related to the post at all, does it? It […]

  • A quick word on inspiration

    This afternoon, while thinking of what I could write about today, I got to thinking about the concept of inspiration. Where does it come from? How do we channel it? What is it, really? I find inspiration to be an enigma. It can come from anything (a walk in the park, your favourite band, a […]