Achieve any goal (and track your progress) with Lift

Lets face it, we all have those tasks in life that we with we did more often- “I should really blog more”, is one of mine (hence this blog post). Sometimes, we have surges of motivation in which we begin our good habit-forming tasks, only to forget about them a few moments later. The bigContinue reading “Achieve any goal (and track your progress) with Lift”

Presentations using SlideRocket

In the last week, Jeff and I presented a workshop at the GROW Academy’s BootCamp, discussing website design & development and focussing on using WordPress to do this. For both our introductory session on Monday and our more in-depth theory discussion on Wednesday, we needed a slideshow presentation to work through the various areas ofContinue reading “Presentations using SlideRocket”

A quick word on inspiration and driving output

What is inspiration? Where does it come from? How can it drive productive output? These are all valid questions. At this moment, it’s a little misty outside my window. It’s early and I’m almost on my way to a nice hot cup of tea. This doesn’t seem related to the post at all, does it? ItContinue reading “A quick word on inspiration and driving output”

A quick word on the weather and productivity

Folks, it’s almost the end of June. Winter is here and it’s showing no signs of backing down. While chatting with a colleague yesterday, we got onto the topic of the weather and how it has affected our productivity. I find that I enjoy being indoors in cold weather and that I find myself havingContinue reading “A quick word on the weather and productivity”

Knowing when to extend the goal posts

A few months ago, David and Marc posted a video blog entitled “Setting small goals to achieve big ones“. This video focussed on how to rather set lots of smaller goals that are easier to atain than one or two big goals. This approach can be most effective when the smaller goals are set andContinue reading “Knowing when to extend the goal posts”

A quick word on to-do’s and GTD

As many of you have surely experienced, a to-do list can be both the most awesome and the scariest thing. What happens if you don’t get your day’s tasks done? They roll over to the next day. This potentially perpetual cycle can become quite daunting, preventing the smaller, quicker tasks from getting done. My solutionContinue reading “A quick word on to-do’s and GTD”