Achieve any goal (and track your progress) with Lift

Lets face it, we all have those tasks in life that we with we did more often- “I should really blog more”, is one of mine (hence this blog post). Sometimes, we have surges of motivation in which we begin our good habit-forming tasks, only to forget about them a few moments later. The bigContinue reading “Achieve any goal (and track your progress) with Lift”

Is DrawSomething a new approach to gathering Big Data?

Data is fast becoming the hot commodity in today’s society. What do we know about our customers? How can we use our customer’s habits and trends to make our product better? While this concept is not uncommon in the non-digital world (printed surveys and small inserts in magazines aren’t uncommon), filling in surveys is fastContinue reading “Is DrawSomething a new approach to gathering Big Data?”

GROW Academy Bootcamp 2012

This week, Jeff and I will be presenting at our second GROW Academy Bootcamp session. We’ll be discussing “Website Design & Development” with the recruits, running through WordPress and how to setup a website using or The GROW Academy is an initiative to educate and empower the youth of today through technology. TheContinue reading “GROW Academy Bootcamp 2012”

If This, Then That- put the internet to work for you

“If this, then that” is a common logic step in programming. Most programmers see this on a regular basis, right from when they start out. It feels comfortable… familiar. While the principle is one used in programming, the concept is also a basic logic construct. Why not apply this same principle in daily Internet life?Continue reading “If This, Then That- put the internet to work for you”

Twitter introduces new Lists feature

So, I just logged in to my Twitter account via the web interface and saw a notice mentioning a new “Lists” feature that Twitter have just launched. The notice read: “New! Lists. A great way to organize the people you follow and discover new and interesting accounts. (BETA) Lists are timelines you build yourself, consistingContinue reading “Twitter introduces new Lists feature”

Tumblr is the next big thing

Tumblr, the popular blogging software, is a hosted blogging service that enables users to post notes, audio, video, photographs, quotes, links and conversations all in one place. Not a full blogging system like WordPress or MovableType and not a micro-blogging service like Twitter, Tumblr is, I believe, a middle-ground between the two. I believe thisContinue reading “Tumblr is the next big thing”

Prophets preach at NetProphet ’09

OK, not real prophets… and not really preaching either. Either way, before I start, let me some up my experience of NetProphet ’09 in a single word: awesome! NetProphet 2009, for those who don’t know (or those South Africans who’ve been living under a digital rock for the past few weeks) is a conference thatContinue reading “Prophets preach at NetProphet ’09”

Win copies of Tweetie and DevonThink Pro on Mac Appstorm

A few minutes ago on Mac Appstorm, David posted a competition where readers can win one of two copies of Tweetie, a Twitter client for OS X, or a copy of DevonThink Pro, an application used for filing and organising documents, as well as aiding in the creation of a paperless office environment. According toContinue reading “Win copies of Tweetie and DevonThink Pro on Mac Appstorm”

Prank your friends on Zoopy’s “Framed”

OK, so April is coming to a close. That doesn’t mean that April Fools has to end. I think the team at Zoopy would agree. Earlier today, the team at, a South African social media community, launched a new campaign called “Framed“. This campaign enables users to prank their friends, neighbours, family or randomContinue reading “Prank your friends on Zoopy’s “Framed””